Galleri S, Östersund
7 - 25 April 2012

Enamels The Devine and Lakshmi
were both sold. One to the county council

Painting Cherry-blossoms line the Entrance of, Summer 70x 90 cm
purchase by Jamtli/JLK

From the art-video Kultur betyder Odla

The Swedish word Kultur means Culture as in Growing. Since I like to grow I felt that I wanted to use the magic of growing in my exhibition with the name Växande [Growing].
In Växande I show paintings, serigraphies, a video and as an interactive part the visitors are invited to plant a wish togeather with a sunflower seed in a bason.

serigraphy Något Fantastiskt 21 x 29 cm
[Someting Fantastic]

Opening-invitation to my exhibition

serigraphy Begränsad Tid 21 x 29 cm
[Limited Time]
There is so much research and documentation about how important growing is for healing most medical conditions. The patients in all of Sweden's mental asylums used to, just like todays worn-outs, have prooved to become more energetic and happy from growing. As for me it is an extraordinary help to experience the miracle that small dry seeds develop into large, beautiful and tasty vegetation.

oil-painting Inspirering Riga with
70 x 80 cm

Jimmy Dahlberg plants a sunflower seed and wries doen the wish that he plants with it in the bason

serigraphy the Happiness of Lakshmi
21 x 29 cm

Vegetation takes care of our stress, at the same time as it improves the inddor environment. When we are in vegetationminskar the stress-hormones are reduced and the physical, as well as the mental well-being is increased. They reduce static electricitety, adjust the indoor-climate, absorb heat ans and sound is reduceed.

© MalinMatilda Allberg 2012