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During last autumn the skulpturpark began to take shape. Anki, who is the originator to skulpturparken was in touch with some of the artist. This made new connections come thru, which gave ideas to more artist. The invited artists strolled arounnd the idyllic landscape surrounding the Lockne-lake and were thus inspired to create a site-specific piece of art. Either as a sculpture or as land-art, that the visitors were toattend and experience. Children and youth in the Lockne-area have created works of art in "Logen", which they will place in the landscape. The sculptures that they made last year are also left, since they wanted to leave them.
Sorgfrid [Free of Loss] Linda Petersson's art-piece Sorgfrid "contains of several works in a a clearing in Espnäs skulpturpark. My thoughts about the work were that it would alleviate for the soul and heart. When I found the old stove in the location I put its former function contrathe loss of it in the clearing. Estetically it gave me fantasies of an altar, thereafter Icontributed a telephone which makes a signal to the universe and a spiritual link. Thru the telephone you can relieve your heart of worries and let the forset take care of your agonies. Like a parkway the white plastic ribbons show the way in the forest, where some chairs are placed as a place for rest and devotion. The work is framed by four handsome pine in the forest, which are to give comfort."

Annika Larsson Rahm's Tiden blåser iväg, jag är uppbunden nu, kan du återkomma?

Tiden blåser iväg, jag är uppbunden nu, kan du återkomma?
[Time flies, I am tied up now, can you return?]
Annika Larsson Rahm
Annika Larsson Rahm lives in Funäs, Oviken

Katarina Franck's Fontän och meteoritkrater
Fontän och meteoritkrater [Fountain and Meteor Crater] Katarina Franck "Almost one hundred years ago the dadaist Marcel Duchamp exhibited the work Fontain(1917) in an American gallery. He took a common urinal, turned it 90° so that the prime function of it was annihilated. Thereafter he signed it cryptically R. Mutt. By this work he challenged how we percieve art. To him and to everone else who can't help them self but rethinking Idedicate this work. Like Duchamp I use an existing object (”ready made”) and give it a new context. As a cascade a mountain-ash grows thru the genom fountain and its branches wistfully reach for the water-filled Meteor Crater that nature själv made (”nature made”).
In the dialogue between what was created by man and what has been nature made something new may emerge. In the eye of the beholder."

Anki Hallqvists Vägen tillbaka
- Vila

Vägen tillbaka [The Way Back] Anki Hallqvist's work consists of four parts:
Streck [line]
Perform, be good, rush by, be in time, like a line past most things, really wanted to stay and meet, feel, care, my-self too.
Små små steg...[Small small steps] To lower the speed and find the balance, which also influence our environment. One way can be thru yoga, which is symbolised by the chakras seven colours. It can be everything from the least we do or think to feel better, which influence our enviromments, those we meet and as an effect of that will make mankind, mother earth and the universe better - or what those who can effect a lot for many could doa.
Vila [Rest] to let your self rest
Frid [Peace] meditation
Nedslag[Impact] MalinMatilda Allberg's work fram a part of the "Meteor Crater that has become the Lockne-lake. When I saw how beautiful there is I felt that I needed to fram it like an art-piece."

MalinMatilda Allberg
Solig Dorje

Solig Dorje [Sunny Dorje] MalinMatilda Allberg "A lamaitic Dorje is a Buddhist symbol for balance and harmony. I choose to show it as growing sunflowers, since growing can also bring balance and harmony to both the one who grows, as well as those who dwell in a garden. It is also something that was formerly used a lot in the psychiatric care. The patients felt better from growing and I know that in for instance the Frösö-clinics almost were self-sufficient when it came to vegetables once upon a time. That Knowledge has, like so much else, been forgotten, but prooved to work very well on eg. patients who suffer from fatigue depression, who feel so much better when growing rhings. [Due to bad plastic force the sunflowers did not grow as I had planned for, which made me paint sunflowers on the rocks in the Dorj instead.]
The opening on the 25:th of June was successful and well-attended:

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This is where the Skulpturpark vid Locknesjön is situated:

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