Ultrabehag i Rundgång
Roundabout Ultra-delight]

Östersund hospital, March 2:nd - June 12:th 2007

Just the word makes many uncomfortable
It is so intimatelly associated to sickness and pain that it is hard to see the necessity and even the joy in it.
Yes, first o all when you are helped and heeled
When pain is relieved and the greatest
joy of them all, I believe
The very reason for living, biologically speaking
It is usually at the hospital babies are helped into this life
I want to celebrate that with this installation
Ultrabehag i Rundgång [
Roundabout Ultra-delight]

When I was given the assignment to make a site-specific work *) to
the Projektrum Rundgång in Östersund's hospital I wanted to show something explicitly positive with hospitals. I realized that it is something extremelly positive about when a new life enters this world. That is how Ultrabehag i Rundgång came to me. The paintings on the floor are ultrasound-pictures of a boy and a girl and on these I placed the casts in bronze and aluminium of breasts.

*) Site-specific works - art-works made for a spcific site and that in one way or the other realtes to this site. Site-specific art is in its purest form made for just this place. [Statens Konstråd]

On the blue-print of the exhibit-area that I got it was said thet "pedestrians walk against the short end of the exhibit-area", which would make it the same wedge-form as the ultrasound-pictures have, which suited me perfect.When I installed the pieces I realized that you walk towards the long ends I was dismayed, but realized that it would hopefully work anyhow. This since the pictures are now "laid on their sides", so to speak. They ought to be understood anyhow, especially with the title "hinting". If you turned around to watch the the picture behind you tou will see it corectly and (hopefylly?!) understand my aim.



© MalinMatilda Allberg 2007