Balans-sökande -
a Quest for Balance

Galleri Idun, Umeå, Byside - Sidewalk, September 1999

the Market Theatre Gallery, Johannesburg, Southafrica, May 2000

A film about how I try to walk the wire, accompanied by myself and my sister, as children, singing the broadsheet ballad Elvira Madigan and our grand-father's pedal-organ playing.

Balance is one of the most beautiful words there are in languages, I believe. The way it sounds spoken, how it looks estetically when written and most of all, the meaning of it. My quest for balance is probably foremost a result of my years of medical rehabilitation.

That has taught me that if there is a lot in one direction there has to be just as much to the opposite to achieve balance. Not that it has to be just enough of something, but that there has to be just as much white as there is black, as much happiness as sorrow, as beautiful as ugly a.s.o., for it not to fall over from the unbalance.

Balance is undoubtedly worth fighting for in most areas.

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MalinMatilda Allberg 2000