Nya Medlemmar i ÖSKG
Nov 28 - Dec 20, 2015 in

Tjörnedala konsthall
I exhibit
Utopiskt Implantat för Framtiden
[Utopian Implant for the Future]

Utopiskt Implantat för Framtiden, 3D-print
in titanium and plastic is shown on a


In October I was admitted to ÖSKG [Östra Skanes Konstnärsgrupp], which is the local society for professional fine artists here. They are arranging the well-known Konstrundan [art cicuit] every Easter. I show my 3D-print, Utopiskt Implantat för Framtiden, som jag gjorde i samarbete med Sportstech vid Mittuniversitetet vid en workshop 2013 med konstnärer och designers i Jämtlands län där.


We were eight admitted fine artists, who showed our works of arts. The exhibition consists of painting, photography, textile, drawings and an object.
Lisa Strömbeck and Lina Karna Kippel show photograhic series, Adrian Johansson, Karin Palola and Fredrik Jensner paintings, while Anna Agger shows an object with illuminated drawings.

Togeather with the 3D-print I present the
ideas behind my work on a poster

Utopiskt Implantat för Framtiden
is printed in titanium and plastic, since I wish it to relate to the fact that Sportstech often additevely manifacture implants of hurt parts of a skeleton to the health care. They are implanted, since the immune defense of our bodies tolerate these materials. I manifactured an implant of a brain additevely in titanium and seven plastic flowers grow out of it.

MalinMatilda Allberg 2015