"Multi-trauma may be defined as physical injuries occurring simultaneously in several parts of the body. The multi-trauma patient has usually sustained multiple traumatic injuries to the body, affecting different organs and body systems. The multi-trauma patient may have a head injury, multiple fractures, and injury to the internal organs of the chest or abdomen. The more body systems involved usually indicates more serious illness."

Multi-trauma is a film and an exhibition consisting of
an installation with video-films, pictures and smells that try to make concious a condition of unconciousness.

MalinMatilda Allberg has in her first film
and with her debut solo-exhibition on
Galleri 60, Umeå, with a came
ra and a micro-phone inquired what would have been registered during a state of uncociousness. In this manner she looks into a patient's "subjective" experience
of a condition that can not conciously be sub-jectively experienced.

The movie Multi-trauma was shown at Umeå international filmfestival 1999.

MalinMatilda Allberg,
Sverige/Sweden 1998,
Filmpool Jämtland.

"A young woman is hurt in a traffic-accident. Staff at the hospital and her parents talk to her although she can't hear them.

Filmed at NUS, Umeå University hospital.

6 min drama/documentary, Beta SP,
Script: MalinMatilda Allberg.
Editing: MalinMatilda och Margus Peensaar.
Sound: MalinMatilda och Margus Peensaar.
Music: Carl Orff"

/ from the program of Umea International filmfestival 1999


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© MalinMatilda Allberg 1999