Lyckliga Ögonblick
Galleri S
, Östersund
27 oktober - 17 nov 2007
In the first room the audience meet twelve oil-paintings of my own and my closest's moments of happiness, as well as happy moments from South Africa och India.
The next room withhold my drawing-project Jag Har en Dröm... [I Have a Dream], where the audience can write about their drams in twp note-books. Every day I choose one of the moments and make a char-coal-drawing of it, which I pin up the next day. At the opening there was one single dream and sixteen empty sheets of paper. These are filed with the dreams of the audience during the exhibition, so that all the sheets are filled with drawings of dreams on the seventeenth and last day.

Farthest inside I show my video-installation Laima Latviesu about the happiness I found in Riga, Latvia during my two months as an Artist in Residence there, thru NIFCA 2005.

foto: Henrik Flygare

© MalinMatilda Allberg 2007