Konstvideo/-film [the Artvideo/-film]
KURERERIAN:1 [Cureria]

A device to cure and make people healthier, is there such a thing?

The Art video/-film Cureria, which was shown to the public in the coffee-shop at the hospital of Östersund during week number 48, 2003, is my attempt to manufacture a device to cure and make people happier thru laughter. During three weeks the
Art video/-film Cureria
was displayed in the waiting-room at the Medical-ward in Östersund's hospital.

Considering all that I have learned about
1. the positive medical qualities of laughter, by the creator of Laughter Yoga, dr Madan Kataria in Mumbai, India and
2. the healing powers o f Fine arts, which were described in the medical thesis, Cultural Experience and Health, by Boinkum Benson Koolan at Umeå University in 2001 this certainly ought to be possibile!

Other reasons to make a Cureria are that
3. it is so boring, not to mention nervous, to sit and wait for a doctor's appointment, that often gets delayed,
4. I am convinced that the healthcare sector is where it is the most important with
Fine arts, since it can actually make miracles happen every once in a while
5. I would love to bring video- art to a new audience than those who attend art-galleries and museums.

The Art video/-film Cureria is 52 minutes long and it includes these videos
I. Anna Erlandsson - Sjuk-huset [the Hospital]
II. Anna Selander and Malin Sköld - Inbrottet[the Burglary]
III. Carl-Olof Tronje - Brott & Straff [Crime &Punishment]
IV. Anders Sunesson - Boxaren [the Boxer]
V. Lisa W Carlsson - Hopp [Jump/Hope]
VI. Sofia Jakobsson - Tänk evighet bara [Just Think Eternity]
VII. Karin Kvam - Hon Sa Ett Hon Sa Tu [She Said One She Said Two]
VIII. Susanne Andersson - Tjyvfiske [Unlawful Fishing]
IX. Petra Lindholms - Three Hundred Garden Chairs
X. Leo Brusewitz - Clip

In between these videos Laughter-attacks, that MalinMatilda Allberg shot on several Laughter-clubs inMumbai, India in November 2001."I look upon theArt video/-film Cureria as an experiment to enrich the health care unit and I have followed how it has been received, to be able to change whatever does not work out the way that I had intended. There is no possibility for anything to work perfectly at once, but with the help of careful feed-back from the staff and the written opinions from the audience I have been able to make it work as good as it possible could. Humour is something individual, but hopefully this
project will be so appreciated, with the help of the audience that it will be moved to more wards.
Apart from at the Medical ward and coffee-shop of Östersund's hospital the video-installation has also been exhibited at Studio 44, Stockholm in January 2004. The reason to the fact that the Art video/-film Cureria is exhibited in the health care unit is that (due to my experiences of 18
months of hospital-care) you need as much possitive stimulus as you can possibly get theree. All experiences and all you ever talk about there is so serious and grave that what is needed the most is "breathing-space", partly to get the strength to endure the seriousness, but also to get some distance from it all. I certaintly take the situations of the staff and the patients seriously and my intention with the Art video/-film Cureria is to enrich the health care unit, with all new research concerning it , as well as my own positive experiences of culture-consumption and -production inthe medical rehab".

The Art video/-film Cureria was edited and produced by MalinMatilda Allberg, with great support from Filmpool Jämtland and Bildkonsten, Länskulturen of Jämtlands läns landsting. My gratitude to the movie-makers, Margus Peensaar, Filmform and to Galleri Magnus Karlsson, Stockholm.

© MalinMatilda Allberg 2004