three associations celebrate that we togeather
are celebrating 75 years in 2012.
Konstcentrums ateljéförening is 20 years,
Drejeriet 25 years and Östersunds Kollektiva
30 years.
As many as 57 exhibitorscelebrate in Exercishallen Norr
(the former Färgfabriken Norr).

The exhibition K.75 is Nov 10 - Dec 2 2012.

serigraphy Nymph on the Plain 41 x 30 cm, edition 20

serigraphy Storsjö-siren 41 x 30 cm, edition 20

serigraphy Rose in Bloom
29 x 21 cm, edition 20

serigraphy Lady of the

29 x 21 cm ,edition 20

serigraphyFairy among the Beech
29 x 21 cm, edition 20

I show serigraphies with a naturlal fairytale-theme and a video-intsllation called Förväntan [Anticipation].

a large audience participates in the interactive part of Förväntan

It also contains of an interactive part, where I ask the audience to share what they long for.
This to make the audience accessorial,
at the same time as they can watch and get a notion of all
the anticipation that surround our little town.

I expect to be able to add some minutes
of my own anticipation for the future in my
video to bring even more anticipation to K75.
I also expect my anticipation to be fulfilled and
make the audience's anticipation fulfilled as well

As Greta Garbo said:
“Is theer anything better than longing for something you know is in your reach?”

© MalinMatilda Allberg 2012